‘Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites’ spotlight: John Cochran

John CochranIn our second “Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites” spotlight, we’re putting our focus on a man who has to be one of the more polarizing characters on the show over the past few years … though most people can probably agree that he wasn’t the best player. John Cochran was a fan favorite before “Survivor: South Pacific” really even began, and while this writer in particular may be a card-carrying member of the Cochran fan club, many people felt let down when his only big move in the game was flipping on Ozzy’s alliance, teaming up with Coach, and getting eliminated earlier than he probably would have had he decided to draw rocks.

But this is a new season now, and it is a new chance for Cochran to make the moves he wanted to the first time. He is promising to do just that in his CBS interview below, and we genuinely want to believe him. After all, his opening line about how he brings “nothing to the table” is hysterical, and in some ways accurate if you want to analyze his game superficially. He’s not athletic, not a huge asset in camp, and his lack of loyalty last time gives him some huge emotional baggage that he is not someone that can be fully trusted.

Suffice it to say, Cochran’s going to wish he had Coach in the Philippines to give him inspirational speeches early on in this game. He’s going to be in a bad spot right away, but if he can find a way to survive the first few tribal councils, there is a chance he could go very, very far. Why? It’s not too hard to figure out.

1. If Cochran lays low the first few days, it’s likely that someone in between Francesca, Phillip, Brandon, or possibly even Corinne will anger the Favorites tribe so much that they will go home over him.

2. Maybe the Favorites go on a winning streak and can avoid tribal for a while.

3. As much as Cochran poo-poohs his own game, he does have some qualities that serve him well. For one, there is that self-awareness, and he really does not seem as though the fame of being a “Survivor” star has changed him. He’s a student of the game, as well, and he’s likely studied his mistakes and will learn from them. Plus, he’s funny! Humor and wit can go a long way during rainstorms or when people as starving.

4. The two other people from “Survivor: South Pacific” on this season are Brandon and Dawn, and neither seemed to hate him. This could be an asset, at least in comparison to if he was on the island with Jim Rice and Whitney Duncan.

The biggest advantage for Cochran this season is actually going to be the same thing that was his worst enemy last time: himself. He’s had the “Survivor” experience now, and can get his head somewhat removed from being the superfan living the dream. Instead, he will just have a chance to become a player.

Cochran may have disadvantages in the game as well as baggage, but he could win if he makes a good alliance, plays hard, and can put a big move or two under his belt to impress the jury. You’re probably going to hear this through the rest of our castaway spotlights, but among the favorites, strange as it may sound, we genuinely think that anyone not named Brandon Hantz can win. After all, consider that Coach came a few votes from beating Sophie, and most everyone in “South Pacific” wanted him out the first night.

Prediction – The number of big personalities in this game will aid Cochran. He’ll survive the early votes and probably even make the final five. If he makes it to the final three, he’ll totally win so long as he is not a token goat who flipped on an alliance again.

Anyone who leaves Cochran, a law student, a diehard fan of the show, an underdog, and a likable guy, to the end is insane and deserves to lose. He’ll probably be gone in the home stretch if these people have any sense at all.

We’ll be doing more spotlights on the favorites in the coming days, and we may also get to profiling some of the fans (even if there is less to go on) if there is enough time. For now, be sure to check out our other spotlight on Andrea Boehlke, and share your general excitement for Cochran below.

Photo: CBS

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