‘Shahs of Sunset’ season 2 review: Reza finds peace with his grandmother

Shahs of SunsetOn tonight’s episode of “Shahs of Sunset” season 2,  MJ calls GG to talk about what happened between her and Asa in Mexico and the “pill popping” comment.  GG straight out asks her who’s side she’s on and MJ says that she just wants everyone to be friends.  MJ tells GG the truth about what happened at the “family meeting” when Asa and Reza said they wouldn’t go on the Mexico trip is GG came and that they forced Mike and MJ into taking sides.  MJ begs GG to pick up the phone and call Asa to make things right, but GG has already tried to sit down with Asa and Asa decided not to show up.

Mike takes his girlfriend Jessica back to meet his parents, but because she’s not Jewish or Persian, he’s not sure how the meeting is going to go.  At the dinner things are a little awkward at first, but eventually his parents start engaging her in conversation and when Jessica reveals that she’s in nursing school and getting her aster’s degree, his parents are happy to hear it.  By the end of the evening it seems that they are fairly happy about Mike’s choice of girlfriend.

Reza is going to New York to see his father and family for Rosh Hashanah (and is bringing MJ, Mike and Asa), but he’s nervous to see his grandmother who he is estranged from. Before the big dinner, Reza meets with his father for lunch to ask some questions about his grandmother, and he learns that his grandmother and grandfather split when his father was 8 years old over a rumor and that it was very difficult on his grandmother.  His father says that the split ruined his life and the conversation comes back around to Reza’s dad leaving him.  Reza is heart broken to learn that his father doesn’t know that he has forgiven him for what happened in the past and assures him that he has forgiven him.

At Rosh Hashanah dinner Reza  sits down with his grandmother and she immediately asks for two kisses.  Reza is surprised at how “warm and fuzzy” his grandmother is being towards not only him but everyone.  He is floored by the difference in her from the last time he saw her and we were ecstatic to see her treating him so well.

The one person we barely saw at all tonight was Lilly until near the end of the episode where she had a blind date with a guy and tortured him by gabbing on about her ex-boyfriend all night.  She really hasn’t been able to find her footing in the group since she joined the cast and although we had high hopes for her, it seems that the deeper into the season we get, the more obvious it becomes that she isn’t a good fit for this group.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Shahs of Sunset”?  Were you glad Lilly wasn’t part of the episode or do you want to see more of her? Do you think that GG will ever have a chance to make things right with the group? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think.

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