The Gilded Age season 1 episode 4 spoilers: After Patrick Morris’ death…

The Gilded AgeAre you ready for The Gilded Age season 1 episode 4 to arrive on HBO next week? This is going to be an episode chock full of drama. Why? The death of Patrick Morris is going to be at the center of it.

During tonight’s episode, we saw George take on a tremendous gambit, one that Julian Fellowes said after the fact was inspired by Commodore Vanderbilt in the past. George bought up every single piece of company stock out there and in doing that, he could reap the rewards. Yet, doing this had consequences, and that led to Patrick taking his own life.

The preview that we saw tonight showed that George may be harboring some element of responsibility for his actions — but should he really blame himself? He’s encouraged not to, and to consider his own strength as justification for what he did. It’s not his fault that Patrick did not have what it took … or is it? Ultimately, this show may have its lavish costumes and fantastic performances, but we can’t lose sight of the human element here, either. There is a great deal of suffering within The Gilded Age as everyone is making up the rules financially as they go along. This may not be set in the Wild West, but it very much is that when it comes to the financial market.

Ultimately, The Gilded Age proved itself to be fantastic to date, and we just have to hope that it only builds and builds from here on out. Julian Fellowes is the sort of writer who tends to constantly introduce new wrinkles to his characters over time, and that will almost certainly be the case here.

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