‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 spoilers: Full ‘Misery Loves Company’ sneak peeks

Pretty Little LiarsCan Meredith really be trusted? This is really the first question that we have to ask based on the sneak peeks that we are seeing for the “Misery Loves Company” episode of “Pretty Little Liars” on Tuesday night, and it looks as though our leading ladies are going to have plenty of reasons to question whether or not ARia can be safe around her.

The first reason to be paranoid about Meredith is rather simple: she is staying around Byron, and with Aria under the weather, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of her. Will she do it? That we don’t know, but Aria tries her best in the first video to convince her friends that she is going to be fine, and that she doesn’t need them to watch over her until her sickness goes away. (Considering the current flu outbreak, Aria getting sick seems timely, no?)

Now, let’s focus on a pair of clips that are really going to focus on one character that is sure to be found out sooner rather than later: Toby. Is someone about to surprise Spencer with a stunning revelation about him being a member of the “A Team”? That we do not know at the moment, but doesn’t Emily seem to be acting rather strange around him?

The timing does seem to be right for a big secret to be revealed here, primarily when you remember the fact that we are coming up on the one-year anniversary for Toby and Spencer being together. Considering that the title here is really about “misery,” wouldn’t it be appropriate for for the air to be let our of her emotional tires juts before one of the more romantic nights of her life?

Do you think the Liars are going to find out the truth about Spencer this week? If you want to read some more news about what is coming up specifically for Emily and Paige, be sure to visit the story over at the link here.

Photo: ABC Family

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