‘Justified’ season 4 spoilers: Will Boyd and Wynn become partners in crime?

just 1During the last episode of “Justified” season 4, we saw Boyd Crowder fighting a new ministry that has come to town and is converting some of his most loyal workers (like Ellen May).  As more and more of his contacts and distributors drop off like flies at the hands of this new church, Boyd starts to look for other options to bring in cash.

One of those options was teaming up with Wynn Duffy, a local psychopath that runs drugs in a different area of town.  When one of Duffy’s lackeys is caught trying to sell in an area of town that is run by Boyd, he uses the indiscretion as a reason for Wynn and him to meet up and discuss business.  After Wynn declines Boyd’s offer to partner up, Boyd threatens to kill the dealer that was muscling in on his territory, but Wynn beats him to the punch, saying that a man that doesn’t follow his orders is a man not worth having around.  Boyd asks Wynn to consider his offer and it seems like he might.

JustifiedIn a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Graham Yost said that Wynn’s involvement with Boyd will be more prominent this season.  He said: “Wynn is more involved with Boyd this season than he is with Raylan, I’ll say that.” Hopefully the two will find a way to work together and run that ministry out of town – there something fishy about it.  Speaking of the new church that has won the heart of our favorite call girl Ellen May, Yost said that viewers should be “very worried” about Ellen May, but he didn’t go into detail, so we can only assume it’ll be one of two things: Either Boyd and Ava are going to do something to silence her about Delroy, or the church itself is not what it seems and she could be in some real serious danger since no one really knows much about this Pastor Billy.

A new episode of “Justified” season 4 called “Truth and Consequences” (airing on Tuesday, January 22 at 10 p.m.) Billy’s ministry will strike back at Boyd and his crew and Raylan will find himself in trouble with and angry husband. Check out some of the new photos from the next episode and let us know that you think.

Photo: FX

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