ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5 spoilers: Full sneak peeks for ‘Death Gone Crazy’

Jon Huertas“Castle” season 5 has taken on some touchy subjects in the past, but spoofing a certain Joe Francis franchise is something that we are pretty sure the folks over at Standards & Practices had a field day with. How do you make a conversation so adult into something that can make it on network television? Well, they must have figured out a way.

When it comes to the murder case at hand, the man killed is someone who is a carbon copy of Francis, and was seemingly killed as someone strangled him with what appears to be a bra.  This is going to be an interesting case to follow as there will likely be plenty of people who want this guy dead after what he did to many of the ladies in his videos, and it’s really just trying to find out who among these people with a motive actually had the cajones to go through with it.

In addition to that, there will also be love (or at least lust) in the air when one of the bodyguards for our victim Bo (played by Kelly Hu, jumping over after her recent stint on “Arrow”) takes an interest in Esposito. Will this ultimately make Lanie jealous? We’re hoping so, since this has felt at times like the forgotten story of the season.



On a different note, Rick will have something else on his mind away from the case that has simply to do with his daughter. Specifically, he’s unhappy with the way in which Alexis is sharing details about her life online for all to see. Can he get her to stop … and is it even the right move to ask her to do so? We have a feeling that these are both questions that will be answered before the episode comes to a close.


What do you want to see happen this week? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can see another clip from this “Castle” season 5 episode over here.

Photo: ABC

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