Is The Blacklist new tonight on NBC? Big season 9 questions

The Blacklist season 9 art

Is The Blacklist new tonight on NBC? Is there a lot of material to seek our teeth into as we get further into season 9?

We know that, on paper, there is so much story left to tell in the world of this show. Unfortunately, we’re not going to be seeing it right away. There is no new episode tonight, and we’re going to stay waiting until the James Spader drama returns on Friday, February 25. (That’s right: We’re going to see the show shift over to a different timeslot.)

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So while wait for the show to return, let’s talk questions. What are some of the big things that The Blacklist will be taking on when it comes back on the air?

It’s inevitable, first and foremost, that they will be getting more and more into what happened to get Vandyke to New York, and the precise place in which Liz Keen got shot. That’s been established now as the big mystery moving forward. We don’t think there will be some immediate answer to it, but there’s a good chance there will be some breadcrumbs along the way.

The other question, meanwhile, is the aforementioned one about Cooper. This is giving Harry Lennix great material, but how long will they drag this story out? We feel like we’re going to learn a little more about that sooner rather than later. This is, of course, going alongside whatever Blacklister cases we’re going to get. We have a hard time thinking that the show will be drifting away from those anytime soon.

What do you think we’ll get answers to first on The Blacklist: Vandyke or what is going on with Cooper?

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