Power Book II: Ghost season 2 finale: The challenge for Davis MacLean

Methan ManWith the Power Book II: Ghost finale coming to Starz in just a couple of days, why not have a chat about Method Man? He’s done an incredible job as Davis MacLean and moving into the finale, things are going to be SO much crazier.

Let’s start here from the legal side of things: He has to find a way to clear Tariq of these murder charges and doing that isn’t going to be that easy. There still isn’t a super-clear path forward other than hoping that Tate’s testimony helped and then also that Carrie’s own testimony sunk the case. The jury could end up being a little harder to influence than he would initially guess.

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Personally, we’re mostly just wondering if we’re going to see another appearance from Redman as Davis’ incarcerated brother, who he has been trying to help for some time. There was so much hype about the casting early on but since then, we’ve seen a lot of it fall more or less to the wayside.

Beyond all of this, the other question we’re left to wonder is what Davis’ storyline is going to be for season 3. Is there going to be ANOTHER case coming that will require his services? As of right now, we wonder if one of the central mysteries could revolve around what happened to Lauren. Did Effie kill her?!

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