‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 debate: What should Michelle Dockery’s Mary do next?

Downton AbbeyBased on what the title for this article is alone, we should preface this article by saying the following: if you want to be surprised by what happens in the rest of “Downton Abbey” season 3, now is the time to stop reading. Spoilers are ahead.

Now that we’ve heard the news that both Michelle Dockery and Maggie Smith are each returning for another season of life in Edwardian England, there is of course a major question left to ask: what happens next? While we don’t expect the role for the Dowager Countess to change much, it’s a very different sort of situation for Lady Mary. With Dan Stevens’ Matthew Crawley out of the picture, she is tragically going to be going back to square one: she had married this great love, and now he’s gone.

We already know how the series addressed Stevens’ exit, but how they address Mary’s future is just as interesting. Should they make her find love again? This is something that executive producer Julian Fellowes has suggested will be the case for the character moving forward, though he has not said just what this will entail. If she ends up dating Tom Branson, we will go ballistic as though we were Carson when someone arrives to a party without tails. Knowing the realism that Fellowes tries to portray with this show, we have a feeling instead that it will be someone new who turns up a given period of time after Matthew’s death.

Then again, there is also the case to be made for Mary to try and find love in something else other than a man. She has a child to raise, and Edith is paving the way for career women in the Grantham family. Would it be interesting if she goes this route? Certainly, at least depending on what the career was. It is also possible that she could leave the Abbey altogether and try to start a new life somewhere else.

Even though Lady Mary may not always be the kindest person in the world, it’s still hard to sit here and say that we wish for anything other than happiness for her. Therefore, we hope that whatever Fellowes comes up with for the character will be something that brings a smile to our faces.

What do you think should happen to Mary next? Be sure to vote in our poll below, and you can read some more surprising “Downton Abbey” news about another character over at the link here.

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