‘Breaking Bad’ season 5: Vince Gilligan happy to have precise end date

Breaking BadIf you are saddened that “Breaking Bad” will be coming to an end this coming summer, you are not alone; however, isn’t there a part of you that is pleased that the show knows its end date in advance? If you go back to “CSI: Miami” or even “Firefly,” these are examples of shows that were canceled before they even had an opportunity to map out their desired endings at all. At least in this situation, the curtain will drop after we have an opportunity to witness what will be the desired end of Walter White. (As to what end that may be, or if he even dies at all, this is a topic worthy of debate.)

While the show’s executive producer in Vince Gilligan is of course keeping most of the details surrounding the end of “Breaking Bad” pretty close to the vest at the moment, he did tell USA Today in a recent interview about the benefits of getting to come up with

“[Knowing the ending is] a wonderful bit of knowledge … [It] makes your job so much easier, because you can measure how much you want to portion out with each episode. Knowing what to parcel out is key to telling a good story.”

The only unfortunate thing about what Gilligan is going through at the moment is that “Breaking Bad” only has a matter of eight episodes in order to map out this conclusion. This isn’t much time, but we are sure that these episodes are going to be as tight and as jam-packed as anyone who loves the show would hope for.

Are you happy that “Breaking Bad” knew of its ending long in advance, even if you are sad to see the end date here? If you want to see what “Breaking Bad” stars Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn had to say about filming the finale, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: AMC

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