NBC’s ‘Revolution’ spoilers: The Georgia Republic finds its ‘President’

Revolution LogoIs the Monroe Republic going to have some competition when “Revolution” returns to NBC on March 25? That we do not know; however, we can say with some certainty that there is going to be at least some more competition on the show from powerful people across other parts of the country.

Sources have confirmed that former “24” star Leslie Hope (whose last name seems strangely appropriate given the destitute state of many of the characters’ lives on this show) has signed up for a significant multi-episode storyline on the drama series, where she will be serving as President Foster for the Georgia Republic. She is described as being both tough and seasoned, and we’re personally hoping that she will give Miles, Charlie, and the rest of this crew someone different to turn to.

While shows always have an enormous challenge when they opt for a serialized format, “Revolution” has it worse than most. Not only are they having to tell a long-form story that allows for fewer mistakes than a procedural drama, but when they return on March 25, they will be doing so after being off of the air for more than three months. Trying to get viewers hooked again on a show that was polarizing to begin with is going to be tough, especially if Charlie comes back as annoying as ever and there are a few stories that really feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

We do know that the “Revolution” story is going to be a little bit more compact than originally planned. After originally getting an order of 22 hour-long episodes, it was recently cut down to 20 in order to ensure that it can end during the May sweeps (otherwise known as the best time for any scripted show to say goodbye until fall).

Photo: NBC

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