Celebrity Big Brother 3 spotlight: Does Chris Kattan stand a chance?

Chris KattanChris Kattan is no doubt someone with a lot of entertainment experience — as a former Saturday Night Live cast member, he’s also used to being thrown into unusual environments.

Will any of this help him in the Celebrity Big Brother house, though? Going into this season, he’s one of the biggest wild-cards of the bunch. He’s known for films like Night at the Roxbury and Corky Romano, which a number of the other contestants may have seen. Yet, how many of them actually know him? He’s from a different walk of life than a lot of the other cast members, and he’s also so used to having to put on a funny-guy persona. This show does force you to dive deeper than that and play a smart, strategic game.

We should go ahead and state that we don’t think Kattan is going to be some sort of huge competition threat. He’s not. He’s going to need to rely more on his social game and getting people on his side. He’ll have to give in to expectations here and there to make others laugh, while also seemingly eager to try and play the game. We can’t speak to Chris’ fandom level for the show, but he’ll need to act like he’s getting more out of it than just a paycheck. It will go over well with some other people who are a part of the show.

Can someone like Chris win? It’s admittedly hard to see it. He’s going to need a combination of smart gameplay and then also good alliances to pull something like that off. The more obvious way to forecast his game is that he’ll be used by other people as a part of their alliance and then ultimately, discarded either close to the end or as a less-notable runner-up.

Chris is one of those contestants who is going to have to prove to us on the show that he can fare well in this environment; we were a little more bullish on Tom Green, who fit a somewhat similar archetype for the show, back in season 2.

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