Celebrity Big Brother 3 spotlight: Will Carson Kressley be a threat?

Carson KressleyOut of everyone who is appearing on Celebrity Big Brother 3we probably know more about Carson Kressley than most — and we say that as someone who didn’t even watch his original claim to fame all that regularly. The fashion guru and host has just been on so many different reality shows over the years! He’s got fantastic one-liners, but he also comes across as smart, self-aware, and understanding of how to win people over.

What we’re trying to say is that Carson has the tools to do really well within this game.

He strikes us as the sort of person who prepares and prepares hard. He certainly knew how to play the game before going into the house, and it wouldn’t surprise us if he’s thought a lot about how to be entertaining / get screen time while also how to scheme. He’s such a big personality that he’s never going to fall into the background; he’s just going to have to convince people instead that he’s not a threat in various aspects of the game. We saw some of his strategic chops in how he navigated The Celebrity Apprentice — the later season with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

One other thing that could help him? It wouldn’t shock us if Carson knows at least a couple of the other contestants this season. He’s someone who, thanks in part to his social skills, should be able to form bonds and build trust fast. We think he’s going to do really well early on in the game, but the question them becomes whether or not he’ll start to be a little too big of a threat. We could see a comp here to Shannon Elizabeth on the first season, where she almost too intimidating due to her skill set and he was sent out far earlier than expected.

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How well do you think Carson Kressley is going to do on Celebrity Big Brother 3?

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