‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9, episode 12 preview: Arizona’s latest woe

Jessica CapshawJust when you thought that everything would be right in the world for Callie and Arizona, something else comes along in the aftermath of the plane crash that haunts the couple every day: and this time, it goes by the name of trauma.

On next week’s new “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9 episode, we are basically going to have an opportunity to see just what happens when she starts to experience pain in a part of her body that she does not even have anymore. This leads to a number of medical tests to see what is wrong, and it also means that there are many sleepless nights likely ahead for both Dr. Robbins and her wife, who somehow do not even mention the $15 million windfall at all in the first promo for the episode below.

There is still a decision to be made on this matter, primarily due to the fact that none of the plane crash survivors at the moment even seem to be aware that the insurance is not going to be covering the damages in the lawsuit … the hospital will. Should we take the fact that Seattle Grace is still open as a sign of hope? Definitely, but there is no question that this is a convoluted mess of a situation. In a way, the hospital deserves paying the damages over the pain that they have caused these people; but then, doing so inflicts unspeakable pain on the doctors that it will not be able to treat. If there is a utilitarian among the group, we see them trying to weigh this out very soon.

As for Callie and Arizona, we just hope that there is some peace on the horizon for the two of them soon, especially since baby steps have really been the theme for much of the season thus far.

What do you want to see happen? Be sure to also go back to the link here if you want to read more about what happened earlier this week.

Photo: ABC

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