Chicago Med interview: Brian Tee previews Ethan’s ‘personal’ return

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There is a new episode of Chicago Med airing in a matter of hours (8:00 p.m. Eastern on NBC), and this one is great one for all fans of Brian Tee. After all, Ethan Choi will be returning to the show, but not necessarily returning to the hospital full-time as of yet. Instead, his return is tied to his father in a way that offers you an emotional perspective on the character. It also gives you a sense of what Ethan is going through and thinking about amidst his recovery.

Below, you can see what Tee had to say about this story, the challenge of showing up on a sporadic basis this season, and also how Ethan’s time away could end up changing him.

Matt & Jess – What has been the biggest challenge for you as an actor this season? I imagine it’s been tricky having your character in and out of the hospital.

Brian Tee – The biggest challenge has been fitting back into the storylines of the show. As an Actor, I’ve always felt ready and excited to play… “just put me in coach.” The challenge was dealing with when that would happen and waiting on the sidelines to be called in.

The synopsis for this episode signals that Dr. Charles is going to encourage Ethan to reconcile with his father. Is there any specific impetus for this story now?

Well no spoilers… for this question you’re just gonna have to watch and see. ;)

What excited you the most about this particular material?

What excited me the most was getting to play a more personal storyline outside of the Hospital with Ethan. You get to see a side you don’t really see with Ethan. The story reveals a better understanding and reflects on who Ethan is and what makes him tick outside of work.

Has Ethan’s time away caused him to think more about his life outside the hospital, whether it be his friends, family, or relationships?

100%… when anyone goes through a traumatic event like he did, it really changes you. With Ethan, the change will be impactful and lean on how he deals with all of his relationships, both professional and personal… hopefully for the better.

How frustrating is it for him to be physically unable, at least for now, to do this job full-time that he loves so much?

Ethan is a physical guy. He’s also very independent and leads by example. So not being able to do that or asking for help, and understanding he can’t do the things he used to do, is a learning curve he’s not quite comfortable with.

When can we expect Ethan to be back at the hospital on a more regular basis?

That remains to be seen… if it was up to Ethan… “just put me in coach.”

Whenever he does come back, do you think that the recovery and the time away will change how he works to some degree?

I think it will change everything… with who he is and especially how he works. Hopefully fans will be as excited to see a different Ethan as much as I’m excited to play him.

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