Yellowjackets season 1 finale: Is Jackie dead? What happened?

Jackie YellowjacketsEntering the Yellowjackets season 1 finale on Showtime this weekend, it made sense for a major character to be killed. Here was the question: What character would it be, and how would they die?

The big surprise to us was learning exactly who was gone: Jackie. This is not someone we thought would be plucked out of the equation so soon. She was so fundamentally important to the early going on this show and while we assumed she was gone, we didn’t think that she’d be killed so early on.

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Yet, her death could prove important for skyrocketing some of the tension and tribalism that is going on in the wilderness. We’ve seen already that the group gets more and more crazy and intense as time goes on, and we’re starting to wonder increasingly if Lottie is going to become the “Antler Queen,” the person who seems to be controlling a certain part of the group with bizarre rituals and masks.

There’s no doubt that how it happened was heartbreaking: After a fight with Shauna, she went out into the cold only to never return inside. Because of an inability for anyone to make amends, she died. It was a needless death and that’s a big part of what made this so terrible — and also why Shauna is holding to some of her pain in the way that she is.

Ultimately, we have to imagine that there are going to be a few more surprise deaths over the years to come. There are going to be a lot of different wrinkles to this particular story in the seasons to come, provided that the show is able to air for that long. There was a plan early on to keep things going for several seasons, after all.

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