This Is Us season 6 episode 3 photo: Trouble with Kate and Toby?

This Is Us

One of the things we’re nervous about entering This Is Us season 6 episode 3 is rather clear: The state of Kate and Toby.

We’re at a point in this story now where there’s no sense in questioning whether or not the two are going to be splitting up — we know that it’s happening. At some point years down the road, Kate ends up marrying Phillip. Toby’s romantic future beyond the divorce is unclear. We just have to see now if there’s any one incident that leads to the split happening.

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The photo above is one of many that NBC has released for the episode “Four Fathers” and just from looking at this alone, it’s clear that the two are in the midst of some sort of argument. The question is what it’s about.

Since fatherhood is a big part of this episode, don’t be surprised if Chris Sullivan’s character is struggling mightily with what he is dealing with both personally and professionally. He made a controversial decision to take the job up in San Francisco, knowing that it would put a massive strain on his family. Now, we’re in a spot where we are seeing that play out. We of course wonder if he’s going to have some major regrets over that choice, but is it too little, too late at this point? He may have to face the reality that it’s hard to walk that back, and he’s also going to miss out on a number of big moments in the life of his kids.

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