‘American Idol’ season 12: More on Tenna Torres, Sarah Restuccio, the Turbanator

Gurpreet Singh SarinWith the “American Idol” audition episodes from here on out, we’re going to do something a little bit different in bring you some more coverage of the singers the day after. While these auditions were filmed months ago, this is the first time that any of these singers are getting to actually see themselves on TV, and learn just what America truly thinks about their talent. With that, we’re going to be spending some time the morning after the shows air sharing just what some of the contestants are already doing with their new-found fame … beginning of course with the season premiere.

Tenna Torres was the first contestant to get a golden ticket on the night, and she was also one of the singers who was one of the more gracious in answering as many responses from fans as she possibly could on Twitter. At the end of the night, this is what she had to say about her time on the show as a whole:

“Ok, this was an amazing night, God is soooo awesome!!! Just have everlasting faith and he will lead u right 2 where u belong! Sweet dreams”

Our favorite Twitter background of these contestants at the moment has to be “Turbanator” Gurpreet Singh Sarin, who is choosing to highlight several of the colorful turbans that he first talked about during his audition with the judges. This is going to be an interesting guy to watch, and he reminds us a little of Heejun Han in that he has a big heart, a sense of humor, and also a pretty great singing voice.

Finally, we wanted to share a video that Sarah Restuccio has of her basically combining R&B, country, and rap in a version of “You’re No Good.” It’s a surprising addictive video that we’ve probably listened to about five times already: she’s clearly got a great voice, and we appreciate the blended genres and the originality here.

Of course, be sure to also go back and read our full review of the premiere!

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