The Blacklist season 9 episode 9 photo: Cooper and Dembe’s chat

The BlacklistIn just a matter of days The Blacklist season 9 episode 9 will arrive on NBC, and bring with it a story we’ve been waiting to see for a while. “Boukman Baptiste” is an hour that will chronicle more of the journey of Dembe Zuma over the past couple of years. You will see what happened after the death of Elizabeth Keen, and beyond that maybe what caused him and Raymond Reddington to go their separate ways.

Now, the big question we’re left to wonder is rather simple: What’s going on with Dembe and Harold Cooper? This is what you can see in the photo above!

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Is it possible that these two are talking about Reddington? Maybe, given that the recent visit from James Spader’s character may have him in a rather difficult place mentally. We know that Reddington made him feel like he was responsible for what happened to Liz and on some level, the argument makes sense. Yet, even if Dembe wasn’t distracted there’s still no guarantee that he’d see Vandyke.

We also don’t think that Dembe meant any ill will towards Reddington when he decided to show Liz the contents of the letter. He cares about her and, because of that, he thought she should know the truth. This is consistent with what he told Reddington all the way back in season 4.

What Dembe has to figure out now is how to avoid any wrath from Reddington. Is there going to be a battle between the two? Or, is someone deliberately out to push the two away from each other? There could be a larger mystery here that we get a chance to dive into during this episode.

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