Blue Bloods season 12 episode 11: Danny’s Jimmy Buffett caper!

Blue Bloods season 12

Tonight’s Blue Bloods season 12 episode 11 had potential to be entertaining from the very start — it’s hard not to be when you’ve got Jimmy Buffett as a big-name guest-star.

As you may have heard, the singer was playing the part of Dickey Delaney in this episode, a guy who had no issue impersonating Jimmy at a restaurant. Danny ended up paying for his tab, only to learn the next day from Baez that the real Jimmy was performing in Texas that same night!

While there were bigger criminals out there in New York City, obviously Danny took this affront personally. He’s a prideful guy! The last thing that he wanted to do was feel like he got duped by someone; with that in mind, he decided to put a lot of effort into figuring this out and getting some results.

Here’s the problem that Danny ran into when he actually found the impersonator again on the street — clearly, Mr. Delaney has a long history of doing this sort of thing. He knew the law and with that in mind, he was ready to skate on any accusations that were thrown in his direction.

Jimmy visits the station

In a surprise twist, Buffett ended up actually showing up at the precinct, where he enlisted Danny’s help in order to track down Delaney. The two met, and this led to a really fun scene where the real Jimmy Buffett interacted with a fake one. As it turned out, the two had a little bit of a history — and we understand why Jimmy wanted to do this role. How often do you get a chance to actually play two roles in the same scene? He also explained that he doesn’t get too bothered by the fake one running around — at least if he doesn’t do it often.

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