The Blacklist season 9 episode 8: Is Mierce Xiu leaving Reddington?

The BlacklistTonight on The Blacklist season 9 episode 8, we saw a truly sad moment for Raymond Reddington: A departure of a trusted character.

To be specific here, we are talking here about Mierce Xiu. Karina Arroyave’s character was a big part of the show for the past several episodes. Not only was she a healer, but she had a romantic relationship with James Spader’s character. She advised him and above all else, she worked with him to find a new path forward in his life.

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Unfortunately,  the past is just a hard thing to shake. When Reddington had an opportunity to use Vandyke’s phone to tie together some loose ends from the night of Liz’s death, he got Tadashi on the case. She told him to let it go and focus on the present, but he wasn’t sure that he was capable of only choosing one.

When he told Mierce that he ended up looking at the information, that was it; she made the choice at that point to depart, but not before giving him a kiss. She understood that he needed her, but it was hard to continue down this road when he wasn’t willing to help himself in some ways.

At the end of the episode, what Reddington learned was that Vandyke killed Liz because Dembe failed to protect the scene. Had he done that, he would have been able to stop Vandyke before he was able to do anything.

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