‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 video: Is [spoiler’s] cover blown?

Pretty Little LiarsIf there has been one advantage that the “A Team” has had on the “Pretty Little Liars” ever since the beginning of the show, it is that they have somehow managed to have a mole working within the core group pretty much at all times. First, the person leaking information was none other than Mona, who really excelled at finding ways to constantly be in the thick of just about every problem that Hanna had going on with her life. Since her big reveal, though, the person in the position of primary mole has been assigned to someone else in Toby.

But is that train (with an obvious pun intended to the show’s Halloween episode) about to be at an end? Based on the first promo for next week’s new episode “Misery Loves Company,” all we can say is that he is going to be closer than ever to being found out for the person that he truly is … and by Spencer, no less. While it does not appear as though she sees his face, the two are at least in the same room together while he is wearing the famous hood … and this could certainly be trouble.

We do know already that eventually, Spencer is going to find out that Toby is going to be hiding a major secret from her, and at that point the mystery will hopefully start to be made clear as to why he would go through all of this to ruin her life. This will happen by the end of the season … but will it be this week? Stay tuned.

For now, be sure to head over here if you want to take a look back at everything that aired on the show earlier this week.

Photo: ABC Family

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