FBI season 4 episode 11: Is Rina Trenholm really dead? Jubal’s grief

FBIEarly on during FBI season 4 episode 11 on CBS tonight, the show wasted no time giving us an update on Rina’s condition. Unfortunately, we’re not sure it’s an update that anyone wanted in this instance.

At the start of the episode, it was revealed that Rina Trenholm died just one day before the present-day story, and Jubal was clearly still struggling with grief. He was offered counseling or even to take some time away from the job, but these are not things he wanted. For better or worse he wants to keep going, but early on we wondered if this was going to be the right thing for him. Rina was not some insignificant figure within his life or the lives of those around her. This will have an impact.

To make matters harder for Jubal, during the episode he tried to help Rina’s family cope — yet, they weren’t altogether having it. There was blame and so much other stuff that was thrown in his direction. We knew that it was coming, but that didn’t make that final moment with Jubal crying any less heartbreaking. He’s going to have to live in this sorrow for a good while, and we hope he seeks help.

For the sake of FBI as a whole, the point of killing Rina off is probably to remind viewers that almost no one is safe. Sure, we don’t think they’re planning to kill off Maggie or OA anytime soon, but they do want you to be concerned and to think that anything can still happen.

If you are a big-time fan of the show, the one thing we can understand is being upset with how rushed the death felt. It happened at the start of the episode and in that way, ultimately felt rather unceremonious. Fingers crossed there is a larger memorial down the road.

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