Power Book II: Ghost season 2 episode 7: Is Carrie now in danger?

Power Book II: Ghost season 2As we prepare for Power Book II: Ghost season 2 episode 7 airing on Starz this weekend, every character should be under a microscope.

For the sake of this article in particular, though, we’re talking about things when it comes to Professor Carrie Milgram. Throughout episode 6, she was as smug as smug could be when it comes to having Tariq stay behind bars. She was proven wrong. Lauren’s also been at odds at her ever since she realized that Carrie potentially duped her into the whole wearing-a-wire operation.

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As we prepare for Tariq going back to school in episode 7, we wouldn’t be shocked if Lauren tells Tariq about everything Carrie was doing. Not only that, but we also wouldn’t be shocked if Carrie expressed it outright to Tariq that she thinks that he is guilty. She is often anything but subtle on this show, and she went after Tariq hard the last time he was in her class.

So could Tariq make a move directly at Carrie? Probably not, since the last thing he needs is more attention on himself and he would probably be thought of as a prime suspect. Yet, we could easily see someone trying to pull strings behind the scenes to get her fired, or her eventually becoming a prosecutor again. Her relationship with Zeke is now common enough knowledge that it could be used against her.

Over the next few weeks, just don’t be shocked if something major happens to this character. A lot is being telegraphed already!

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