The Blacklist season 9: Should every character get a spotlight?

The Blacklist logoThis past episode of The Blacklist season 9 was a huge spotlight for Donald Ressler, and we like to think we learned a couple of things. For starters, it’s a little more clear now why he is addicted to painkillers again. Also, we learned that eventually, he does want to get to a place where he can let people in more. At the very least, he does know that there are good people out there and that’s a nice starting-off point.

So now, let’s dive into whether or not we could see more of these across the board. Is this something that should be considered?

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The big case to make for more one-off episodes is that this is a long season. Also, there’s still a chance there’s a season 10 on the other side. It doesn’t feel like the writers are rushing anything along here, and there are certainly characters who need a little more love. Aram tends to come front of mind here, mostly because it’s been a long time since he’s had a huge opportunity to shine.

Of course, what we’d love personally are personal episodes that also mix in more of the main cast. After all, we’d love to see more of Reddington and Cooper in every episode, and both of them had miniscule roles in the Ressler arc. We do think there’s a way to do that, whether it be setting things more in the present or playing around with time further.

If you love Dembe, rest assured that a big episode is coming for that character! You will have a chance to see his spotlight a week from Thursday.

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