‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: The reaction to the settlement

Sara RamirezOn Thursday night’s new “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9 episode, we are finally going to see just what happens when some of these doctors receive a long-awaited settlement offer in their case against Seattle Grace stemming from the plane crash at the end of last season. This has been a long and drawn-out process at times, but even with a rather enormous amount of money potentially coming in for all of these survivors, we are going to quickly learn it is not going to be so easy as to quickly take the money and go about their basis.

With this in mind, expect there to be a myriad of different reactions to the cash coming in, and Ellen Pompeo tells TVLine that one of the more interesting ones is going to come courtesy of Sara Ramirez’s Callie:

“Callie wants to go out and celebrate. But nobody is really into celebrating because it’s blood money. People died. Arizona lost her leg … [the characters eventually join her, and it leads to] a very awkward dinner. But Callie has her reasons for wanting to celebrate and she explains it at the dinner.”

Hopefully, we will have some sort of understanding by the end of the episode as to what happens with all of this money. In theory, the gang is about to receive so much cash that they never have to work again if that is what they want. But will they be able to take all of this money and still be able to go to work, and will it cost Owen his job? There are really so many questions that we are waiting to have answered still.

If you want a more comedic look at this episode, be sure to watch this video to see who Owen accidentally gets rather inappropriate with while thinking that they are Cristina from behind.

Photo: ABC

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