‘Justified’ season 4, episode 2 review: Everyone has secrets

JustifiedAfter watching the second episode of “Justified” season 4, we have a hard time trying to figure out what is more surprising: that so few people are talking about this heckuva show, that the whole “corrupt church” storyline does not somehow feel tired at this point, or that Raylan’s new love interest has been carrying around a mighty fine secret since she started rolling around in the sheets with him: she’s actually a married lady.

What makes this revelation perhaps the most interesting to us is that this is something purely independent in some ways of his process as a Marshal, and takes us to a new level to see his humanity. Do we get some of that when it comes to his jailed daddy? Sure, but it’s a different sort of emotion here.

In going back to the search for Waldo Truth, this was probably an equally frustrating moment for Raylan to find out that the real Waldo supposedly faked his own death 30 years ago … or did he? The realization here was that he had been spending him time hunting for a man who no longer exists, and it was Drew Thompson who he really needed to be hunting for. (The way in which he came to this conclusion, which of course involved a showdown and various arrests, was of course awesome.)

At the moment, we’re still not sure what to make of everything else. The story with the church is entertaining, but if they are just there to get a large payout from dealers who want to send away the competition, where can it really go? This is where we turn to Boyd, who we have a feeling will somehow end up getting himself all messed up in this … especially when Wynn Duffy is also involved, and he is shooting people in the head.

We do like the way in which season 4 is progressing thus far, mostly because it feels as though the writers are trying to work more with the characters that they already have, rather than strictly relying on introducing new ones and suddenly putting them on the same level as the main characters. (There’s a difference between new faces and a full-on series regular.) We actually wish more shows right now would follow “Justified’s” lead, since we are somehow finding a way to get even more invested with these people that we were previously. Plus, shows like these already have enough characters.

Want to take a look back at this episode? If so, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: FX

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