‘Downton Abbey’ season 4 spoilers: Scoop on Dan Stevens, Michelle Dockery

Downton Abbey CastLet’s start this article out with a warning: if you want to avoid spoilers from “Downton Abbey” season 4, we have a simple message for you: stop reading now. Otherwise, you are probably going to feel very disappointed in a matter of seconds.

As sad as many of us may be about Dan Stevens leaving the show courtesy of Matthew Crawley’s death, we will at least give the actor credit for one thing: being kind enough to tell the producers and the writers about his exit a long time in advance. Therefore, they have had a good bit of time to figure out just what the future will hold for some of the other characters, especially when it comes to Lady Mary, who is going to begin a rather interesting journey early on in the season.

For more on this, let’s turn to executive producer Gareth Neame, who had the following to say on the subject of the show’s future to TVLine:

“When you see something that feels like a difficult thing for a show — like an exit of a key character — it’s actually a dramatic opportunity … In any relationship drama, the will-they-or-won’t-they is always more interesting than married couples. So actually what we’ve been able to do is reset [Lady Mary]. She has to start again, and that will be much more interesting.”

As for just who Lady Mary will start again with, that much is still a mystery. We are hoping that it will be a new character, mostly because there are not many other suitable candidates on the show considering that the class romance storyline has already been done, and having her date Tom Branson would be a little too much like a soap opera.

How do you want to see Mary move forward? In case you haven’t heard the big news about one Maggie Smith’s return to “Downton Abbey” season 4, you can do so over here.

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