‘New Girl’ season 2, episode 13 review: Nick’s father and a storytelling debate

New Girl Season 2There’s no question to us that Tuesday night’s “New Girl” season 2 episode was very funny … but at the same time, there was a part of it that caused us to have a major bee in our bonnet.

Why did Nick’s father have to be a con man? The reason that we ask this question is simply because having a parent show up on a comedy with this sort of background is really not much of a surprise for this genre. There are all sorts of sitcoms that have already gone down this road, with “Psych” being one of the more recent examples. Basically, every one of these episodes is handled the same: the con man shows up, the child’s friends try to convince them to give him a chance, and they end up being burned for it. However, there is always a tiny bit of hope at the end, coupled with a moment between the scorned child and their significant other.

While Nick had no significant other, he did have Jess … and that’s as close as he is going to get. It’s not that we are against a Nick-centered storyline, as we love Jake Johnson and feel as though he is the brightest star on the show. We just wish that this story was something we had not seen before, like we saw in the other half of this episode.

Watching Schmidt and Robbie somehow forget a bond over their own desire to each win Cece back was hilariously, mostly because the two continued to team up despite not thinking rationally about the fact that sooner or later, they are going to have to go to battle against each other. Meanwhile, Cece is currently in the process of trying to meet other guys.

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