Dexter: New Blood season 1 finale theory: Why Harrison could kill Angela

Dexter: New Blood premiereWith the Dexter: New Blood finale just a handful of days away now, why not start diving into some theories?

The first order of business that we have for you today relates to Angela Bishop, the character who seems to be the biggest threat right now to Dexter Morgan and his future. Remember that she is actively looking into everything from recent events to the Bay Harbor Butcher from years ago; she also has that note now that “Jim Lindsay” is responsible for the death of Matt Caldwell. More than likely, she’s going to do everything that she can in order to take Dexter down.

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Will she be able to? The thing that she has going for her right now is the oh-so-simple fact that Dexter isn’t aware as to what she’s up to. The longer that this happens, the more likely it’s going to be that she can get a leg up on him. However, Dexter is smart, and the same goes for his son; odds are, they will each figure this out sooner rather than later.

Where things get a little bit messier here comes courtesy of the Code: Even if Dexter learns that Angela is hunting him, he still can’t kill her. She’s done nothing so far to demonstrate that she is deserving of death. Yet, would Harrison be willing to do it? If he’s fully on board with Dexter being this serial killer and thinks his actions genuinely help people, there are reasons to think that he would recklessly take out Angela. He’s young and not so attached to a code; with that, he’s more prone to lash out.

With all of this being said, it feels like this would pretty-much put the kibosh on any sort of relationship between Harrison and Audrey if she ever suspects anything here.

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