Cobra Kai season 5 spoilers: The aftermath of Chozen’s return

Cobra Kai XoloAs you prepare yourself for Cobra Kai season 5 on Netflix, there are a lot of twists to sit around and think about. For the sake of this article, though, let’s talk about things when it comes to Chozen. We last saw the character during the third season of the show, and within that we had a chance for he and Daniel to end up in a much better place.

So how will this character impact the story moving forward now? Let’s just say that he opens the door for Miyagi-do to evolve into something a little different, and also ensure that some of the students are better prepared for what lies ahead.

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Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, show executive producer Josh Heald notes that there are going to be a lot of interesting ramifications to Chozen’s return, and it will help to set the tone in the early going:

We obviously know that Chozen’s coming back into the fold, and Daniel, who we find at the ultimate depth of his loss, is feeling defeated and feeling like he made a deal with the devil. He’s realizing that to allow Miyagi-Do to be extinguished this way doesn’t sit well. There are times where the fight has to change, and what better moment than for Chozen to come back into this story and to lean into that part of Miyagi-Do. Chozen is somebody who ties into the more aggressive past where fighting wasn’t about a contest, it was about life and death. He still feels like he owes Daniel some help, and he wants to make amends even though Daniel has forgiven him. From that alone, I feel like audiences can infer the energy with which Season 5 is going to begin. There are quite a bit of storylines that start spinning very fast and very aggressively as we enter next season.

Meanwhile, be prepared for Johnny to be on his own journey — it’s one that could take him all the way down to Mexico City as he does his part to search for Miguel.

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