‘Dexter’ season 8: Jennifer Carpenter weights in on possible final season

Dexter and Debra MorganBefore we get too deep into this article, we should preface it by saying one thing: Jennifer Carpenter is not saying definitively one way or another that “Dexter” is ending after season 8. Therefore, if plans change don’t bombard her for saying something now. After all, we appreciate it so much when TV stars are open and honest, and want to keep it going.

So what exactly did Carpenter say? Following Showtime’s Television Critics Association panel over the weekend, which is where the announcement was first made about the show returning earlier than expected on June 30, Carpenter responded a fan question by saying that she was “pretty pretty pretty sure” that it will be the last season of the show this summer. For over a year now, this has been the plan, considering that the contracts for many actors (including Michael C. Hall) were extended after season 6 with this plan in mind.

So why is there any doubt at all? It really just all goes back to one thing: ratings: The numbers for “Dexter” season 7 were the highest for the show ever, and network executives see this and immediately think one thing: we want more. “Dexter” has great merchandising potential and strong DVD sales, so there are so many reasons to keep it that don’t even show up in normal ratings. While network executive David Nevins did not confirm nor deny the series’ end date at TCA, he did say that they have no plans to drag the series out beyond when it feels finished creatively.

With all this being said, it is interesting to see where Carpenter’s mind was at on the final season plan just a few days ago.

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