1883 season 1 episode 4: The next phase of Elsa Dutton’s story

Elsa Dutton, 18831883 season 1 episode 4 is set to arrive on Paramount+ this weekend and oddly, there isn’t a lot of information out there about it as of yet. Why not share a few more details? It may be because of the series’ overall performance, but so far the streaming service is keeping their cards close to the vest.

One thing we can say about the Yellowstone prequel is simply this: We’re going to continue to see a lot of Isabel May as Elsa Dutton. She’s really one of the focal points of this series, and the video below gives you a further insight into her narration and its function within the story.

How we view the narration is rather simple: It’s an entry point into this world. Elsa is more similar to the viewer than almost any other character, mostly because she is such an outsider and she views this world with a fresh set of eyes. She’s discovering life on the American West thanks to this epic journey. At the end of episode 3, she commented on the beauty of the wilderness, while also recognizing that she had yet to see the monster for what it really was. There is so much foreshadowing that comes through her voice and seeing how the Elsa at the end of the season different from who we have now should be a really fascinating exercise.

For the time being, the big thing we know is that we’re primed to see this world explored in a fascinating way in the next few episodes. The Duttons and others are now off on the wagon trail, trying to contend with the climate and anyone who encounters them along the way. People are going to die — that just feels like a given. We have to prepare for that and so much more.

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