‘Elementary’ spoilers: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu talk Watson, Holmes ‘friendship’

ElementaryOn last week’s episode of “Elementary”, Holmes saw a new side of himself after he came face to face with the man who he thought had killed the love of his life, Irene, but after finding out that he had almost tortured and killed the wrong man, Watson began to worry about Sherlock’s stability.  She asked Holmes’ father if she could stay on longer as his sober companion because she felt he needed further help, but he denied her.  She lied to Holmes and told him that his father extended her time with him and he seemed happy to have her around.

Watson and Sherlock’s friendship has developed quite a strong bond during their time together, so it wasn’t all that surprising to see Watson decide to stay on with Holmes without payment to help him through this rough spot. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lucy Liu said that her decision to stay on with Holmes shows just how much their friendship means to her, that this has moved on beyond just a career choice.  She said:

“I think the reality for her is that it goes beyond being somebody who is being paid to do this job. It falls into a category beyond a career.  It [has become] more of a friendship and an intimacy that is inexplicable. Therefore, she’s going to do as much as she can to keep him afloat because he’s fragile. She doesn’t want to lose him because he’s somebody who she thinks is quite volatile.”

Jonny Lee Miller agreed with Liu saying that even though Sherlock has trouble admitting that they have a friendship, he has his own ways of expressing his appreciation for Watson and what she does – he did after all offer her an apprenticeship with him.  He said:

“It’s a real friendship he just doesn’t have all the flowery bits around it.”

If you missed last week’s episode of “Elementary” and want to catch up, then be sure to read our review of the episode here and tell us what you think.

Photo: CBS

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