Dexter: New Blood season 1: The problem with Bay Harbor Butcher twist

Dexter: New BloodAs we get closer to the end of Dexter: New Blood season 1, it’s obvious there is a lot going on here. Dexter and Harrison both have to contend with the threat of Kurt Caldwell, but there’s another threat lurking underneath the surface in Angela Bishop.

What’s going on with her? Thanks to ketamine and (apparently) Google, she’s starting to suspect that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher and that this case is, very much, still active. As we get into the final episodes, the situation for Michael C. Hall’s character is about to be more perilous than ever.

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Alas, this whole storyline does have its fair share of problems. Where do we begin? Probably with just how rushed this whole ordeal seems to be. We’re expected to believe that a small-town police force — or, to be specific, its chief — will have figured out a case more than a decade old after just a handful of episodes. Her motivation to go and interview the dealer outside of Iron Lake was flimsy in itself, given that Logan said Dexter went and beat the guy up after he was responsible for Harrison’s overdose. What Dexter did was against the law, but a lot of people probably would’ve done the same thing in his shoes. It wasn’t that far out of the realm of possibility.

In eventually finding the needle mark on this guy and the eventually supplier on the morgue table, Angela has now been able to uncover something that even Angel Batista hadn’t in years. Could she be motivated by anger that Dexter kept his entire past from her? Sure, but all of this doesn’t take away from how this feels like a season 2 storyline wedged into season 1. We didn’t need this to believe that Angela was a good cop and as it is, it feels like the writers are jamming stuff in so that they can resolve everything they want to as opposed to letting the story breathe.

Dexter: New Blood has been fantastic to date; yet, this storyline could prove to be its greatest weakness.

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