Succession season 4: Is there a future for Roman, Gerri?

Succession season 4There’s no questioning in our mind that the relationship between Roman and Gerri is one of the most fascinating things about the past two seasons of Succession. With that in mind, we certainly think it’s going to lead to some interesting developments coming up between the two of them.

Will we see the same relationship that we did in season 3? Probably not, but the goal with a show like this is to never repeat yourself. You want to see these characters to face new challenges, whether it be personally or professionally.

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For Roman, we imagine that season 4 is going to challenge him in a multitude of ways. For starters, he’s separated from his father like never before. Gerri is going to do her best to look out for Gerri, as she always has on some level. We do think that she cares for Roman on some level, even if she does think that he often crosses the line with his banter and photo-sharing. Their relationship is odd, but there is some affection there; the legion of supporters for the two exists for a very particular reason.

Yet, we don’t envision the flirtation being as prevalent moving forward for a couple of different reasons. For starters, Roman will be watched more closely after his huge catastrophe in the penultimate episode of season 3. Also, being close to him could hurt Gerri’s status now at the company. We saw already Shiv try to snake her in the most unfair possible; who knows what else could transpire?

Also, we just think that Roman could be forced into having some other priorities — take, for example, saving his own hide. Now that he went so publicly against Logan with the help of his siblings, there may not be a way for Gerri to help him. We still anticipate some banter here and there, but it’d be a shock if it’s the same exact relationship that it’s been.

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Where do you think the story is going to go for Roman and Gerri moving into Succession season 4?

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