‘Teen Mom 2’ review: Jenelle Evans moves out, Chelsea Houska loses a family pet

Jenelle EvansOn this week’s episode of “Teen Mom 2” we saw Leah’s new boyfriend agree to move in with her, Kailyn wanting to move to Texas, Jenelle getting a new roommate and Chelsea’s dog meeting his maker.

So let’s get things started with Leah: Her boyfriend Jeremy is back from working on the pipeline and takes her out in hopes of getting some answers about Leah’s feelings for her ex.  He’s worried that while he was gone that she got back together with him, but she assures him that nothing is going on and he is relieved. Leah also found herself a new place to move into and it’s not a trailer, it’s a house.  When she calls Jeremy to tell him that her application was accepted he offers to move in with her and even though these two just met, Leah thinks this is a super idea.

Now onto Kailyn: After her trip to Texas, Kailyn wants nothing more then to grab Issac and move out there to be closer to her family. When she goes to Jo’s place to pick up Issac he tells her that her estranged mother stopped by while she was out of town.  Kailyn is furious and forbids Jo from letting her anywhere near Issac in the future, but Jo tells Kailyn that he won’t deny her if she comes looking for Issac, leaving Kailyn in a boiling pot of fury. After a talk with her friend Mark, she decides to call her mother and confront her about the situation, but when she asks her why she went to see Issac, Kailyn is hung up on multiple times. Kailyn eventually leaves an angry message on her machine telling her that she can’t just show up in her sons life after being absent for a year. Kailyn’s mom calls back and tells her that she doesn’t need her permission to see her grandchild and Kailyn fears that her mom is just going to break Issac’s heart like she did to her. She goes back to see Jo and discusses the possibility of her moving to Texas with Issac and he is not having any of it.

Then we’ve got our favorite “Teen Mom” Jenelle: After moving in with Josh (a man she barely knows) the relationship takes a turn for the worse and Jenelle finds herself calling her friend Amber looking for a place to stay (and she says yes). Jenelle feels that living with her friend (who also has a young child) would look good in the eyes of the court, because Jace would then have an opportunity to live with another mother and child. Jenelle meets with her mother and tells her the situation with Josh and her mom is happy to hear it, so her and Amber go on the hunt for a new place to live together. Jenelle drops her classes so that she can put her focus into other things (what those things are we have no idea) and when she breaks the news to her mother, her head looks like it’s going to explode.

Last we have Chelsea: She has already failed her math GED once before, but she feels she ready to take it again.  Just before she goes to take the test, her dog Frankie is attacked by a neighbor’s husky and the outcome is not favorable for poor Frankie who didn’t make it.  After what happened to Frankie, Chelsea finds a way to get herself together and goes to take her GED (which she passes), much to the delight of her family.

Photo: MTV

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