‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9, episode 11 preview: Owen’s uncomfortable mistake

Kevin McKiddWhen you see a woman at a house that you believe belongs to your girlfriend, you are automatically going to assume that when you see a woman there, it is your girlfriend … right? This must have been what Owen was thinking based on the new promo for Thursday night’s “Grey’s Anatomy” … and the end result of this can only really be described with one word: awkward.

Basically, Owen decides to stop by with a surprise cup of coffee in tow for his newly-revitalized other half … only to learn that the woman he is feeling up from behind is actually Jo rather than Cristina. If you remember, Alex made himself a move in the housing market recently in an effort to be more mature, and we can probably infer from this that Alex decided to take Jo home with him after a boozy night that included the two deciding to sneak into someone’s hotel room under false pretenses.

It’s fairly understandable how both parties reacted to this incident, though we wonder if this is going to make things even more uncomfortable for both Owen and Jo moving forward in the workplace. It simply just seems like an honest (and very pervy) mistake, and story-wise it at least serves for some payoff to the lengthy “Alex buys a house” storyline that really has not served much more of a purpose outside of this.

This episode “The End Is the Beginning Is the End” is of course a reference to a Smashing Pumpkins song, and it will be a rough one for Owen. He’s also about to find out just how much money some of the doctors have been offered in a settlement against Seattle Grace, and so much of the blame could fall back on him for failing to really check the safety records of the airplane.

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Photo: ABC

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