Cobra Kai season 4: Could Hilary Swank appear as Julie Pierce?

Cobra KaiFor today’s article leading up to the Cobra Kai season 4 premiere, we’re diving into the lore of it all. To be specific here, we are talking about the idea that Hilary Swank could someday appear as Julie Pierce, her character from The Next Karate Kid.

Is this something that is ever going to happen? It’s an interesting thing to ponder over. The majority of the living main characters from this franchise have either appeared already or will be appearing soon — with that, we’re referencing Terry Silver coming on board in season 4. In saying this, we’re referring mostly to the characters from the first three movies. The Next Karate Kid came out of after the trilogy starring Ralph Macchio. The late Pat Morita did return as Mr. Miyagi in that movie, and as Macchio himself confirmed in an interview with Jake’s Takes recently, this does make a future appearance by Swank possible.

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Here is some of what Ralph had to say, in the context of why Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan from the Karate Kid remake will not be turning up:

“To the flip side of [Jaden and Jackie not appearing is that] someone like Julie Pierce, who is Hilary Swank’s role, did know Miyagi … So there’s always a chance for maybe that [to happen on the show].”

We do hope that even if Swank doesn’t ever appear, the show does do more to honor that film. Even if a number of critics disliked it, there are some diehard fans of it still out there! Also, we don’t think Cobra Kai should ignore anything that brought this series to where it now is.

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The biggest reason this won’t happen

It’s pretty simple: The Next Karate Kid was critically panned and were it not for this show, would largely be forgotten. However, Swank was still highly praised for her performance, and maybe the current Cobra Kai team can offer some redemption for that character and a movie that was not well-regarded at the time of its release.

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