‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Chris Colfer talks New York, Blaine and new love interest

Chris ColferAfter a short holiday vacation (his first one in 3 years) Chris Colfer has returned to the set of “Glee” to continue filming season 4, but now that there are so many new cast members how much has it really changed his shooting schedule?

In a new interview with “Live with Kelly and Michael” Colfer explains that he has a bit more free time now that his character of Kurt Hummel has moved to New York and a lot of the focus of “Glee” is still at McKinley High.  He said: “It used to be that we’d all be on set, all day, every day, every week, singing and dancing and now that the show is kind of divided it’s really easier for us to kind of have a few days off to ourselves when they are filming something else.”

The question still on the tip of everyone’s tongue is: What’s going on with Kurt and Blaine and will they ever get back together? Colfer said: “Maybe, I think they’ll get back together eventually, but they are still broken up for now, but yeah I think they’re going to be like “Friends”, I feel that they are going to get together eventually they gotta do something.  They can just say “I love you” every episode that’d be so boring.”

There have been rumors that Kurt is going to meet a new man at some point this season and Colfer confirmed the rumors are true – there will be some new potential love interests for Kurt.  He said: “I think there’s gonna be like some interests coming in, but we’ll see. I kinda was afraid, cause I thought any actor that would come in would have their throat slit by fans, but I think this one guy might have a chance, because he’s very funny, very charming.”

“Glee” season 4 will be returning to Fox on Thursday, January 24th, but if you can’t wait and want more “Glee” news now then be sure to check out our story about Santana and the possibility of her moving to New York here.

Photo: Fox

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