‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 spoilers: One final ‘Mona-Mania!’ preview (video)

Pretty Little LiarsJust in case the sneak peeks we posted for Tuesday night’s “Mona-Mania” episode of “Pretty Little Liars” over the weekend were not enough for you, here’s one other thing to look forward to seeing from the likes of Hannah and the gang moving forward: a very frightening interaction that very much involves Aria’s own father.

Byron has proven himself at this point to not be someone worth trusting, as he is a man who has quite a bit to gain from a few things staying secret. He knows that Aria is well aware of his affair with Meredith, just as he is also aware that the ladies are sniffing around him for an entirely different reason. With that in mind, should we be even remotely surprised that the man is now watching all of the Liars a hawk? We don’t doubt his misguided belief that one of Aria’s friends is behind what happened to Meredith, but we are mostly curious at the moment as to just how much his paranoia on this very subject is ultimately going to eat the man alive.

Do we believe that Byron was actually involved in Alison’s death, or that he could be helping out “A” in any capacity? We have our suspicions, but at the same time we still don’t believe that he is really capable of that. We know that parents in this show are rather dark, but we still have a hard time believing that there would be a motive in place for Byron to do anything bad to his own daughter; and as bad as having an affair is, we’d think that Byron would rather have that get out than him potentially murdering a young woman.

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