Oprah Winfrey to talk Lance Armstrong interview on ‘CBS This Morning’

Oprah's Next ChapterIt is not particularly often that an interview with a professional athlete becomes the talk of the entire nation; but when the interview that you are talking about involves Lance Armstrong, then it becomes an entirely different story.

Hours after reports started to come out the famed cyclist and cancer activist gave a tearful speech to his Livestrong employees apologizing to them for all of his alleged doping in his sport throughout his professional career, Oprah Winfrey announced that she will have a snippet of her interview with Armstrong, which will air on OWN and on her Oprah.com website Thursday, on “CBS This Morning” Tuesday.

In one way, there is a tiny bit of irony when it comes to Oprah choosing to head to this show in order to talk about Lance. CBS as a network has been highly critical of Lance in the past, with there even being conflict between the cyclist and a number of stories that have aired on “60 Minutes.” If he does end up admitting to doping, it becomes a watershed issue in the same way that Tiger Woods’ cheating scandal was back in 2009. This was a man that millions of people, not just fans of sports, wanted to believe in and looked up to as a hero. However, after something like this there is no way that this reputation can ever be restored.

This is Oprah’s first high-profile interview of 2012, as she has spoken in the past on this show with everyone from Steven Tyler to Justin Bieber to even faith leaders in Asia. Oprah is expected to ask Armstrong tough questions, and he has thus far promised to be candid in his responses.

If you want to find out some more information about this interview, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: OWN

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