‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 6 spoilers: Will Sheldon ever do the deed?

The Big Bang TheoryWhen you are a man as notoriously neurotic as Dr. Sheldon Cooper, it is pretty fair to say that you are not really expected to make too much movement when it comes to your personal life. This is why it has taken the character on “The Big Bang Theory” so long to even land a girlfriend in Amy Farrah Fowler, let alone develop any sort of intimacy with her at all. Save for a few occasion instances of physical contact, this is really all the two have had thus far as Mayim Bialik’s character is proving to be as patient as ever.

But is there a major move coming up soon? During the upcoming January 31 episode, Penny is at least going to be so brave as to ask Sheldon whether or not he would consider losing his virginity to Amy at some point, and his answer may come across as surprising. Speaking recently to TV Guide, here is what Jim Parsons had to say on the subject:

“[He] doesn’t rule it out, which gives me encouragement that we might be going there.”

With that being said, don’t expect Sheldon to make this big leap forward in either this episode or the ones that immediately follow. We assume that if there is an event of this magnitude coming up for the character, it will be during the May sweeps or some other time in which the biggest bombshells on TV are traditionally dropped. We also would not expect it to be sex in a traditional way, either, especially since these are far from traditional characters.

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