‘Shahs of Sunset’ episode 7 review: Asa apologies to MJ for ‘pill popping’ comment

Shahs of SunsetOn this week’s episode of “Shahs of Sunset” we picked up right where we left off – right in the middle of a huge fight between Asa and MJ.  When MJ tried to open up about her therapy to the group things took a turn for the worse as she and Lilly started to get into a bit of an argument, but things really got heated when Asa said that MJ was “popping pills” – something that MJ denies.

After the dinner, Reza, Lilly and Asa discuss MJ’s “pill popping” in the hot tub and Lilly claims that MJ told her she took an Ambien “for fun” just before they boarded the plane. Asa says that everyone has spoken about MJ’s “pill popping” before, and that it isn’t a secret.  Reza plays devils advocate and suggests that she may have taken the pill to help calm her nerves for the flight.

MJ and Sammy take off to a club to try and blow off some steam, but MJ is still preoccupied with what Asa said.  The more she thinks about things the more MJ realizes that GG was right about Asa, so she reaches out to GG (via text) and tells her that she will never be friends with Asa again after what she said.

The next morning Asa is nervous about seeing MJ, but she comes in and gives everyone good morning kisses, including Asa (but only after she asks MJ for them). Asa takes the opportunity to apologize to MJ in front of everyone, for what she said about the “pill popping”, and says that she really doesn’t know what’s going on in regards to that. MJ hugs her, but never says that she accepts the apology. The group takes off for a day on a yacht, and while for the most part they had a great day when Lilly starts talking about the issues she thinks she has with her stick figure body, Mike can’t believe what he’s hearing and honestly we were a little shocked to hear it too – this woman has zero body fat and she’s talking about cellulite?  Please.

Later that night the group goes to a club and as it has been the entire trip, Lilly is not drinking and not partying. She spends the night complaining that she’s hot and tired – she just doesn’t fit in, so she goes back to the hotel. Once the night of partying comes to a close the group meets back at the hotel where Reza decides to go through MJ’s purse while she’s having a smoke.  He finds a pill bottle with multiple pills in it. When MJ comes back into the room, he asks her if she wants some Valium as a joke and she starts laughing hysterically.  When Reza offers her the bottle of pills he found in her purse she tells everyone that they are pills for her dog.

Meanwhile back in LA, GG is putting together her very first launch party for her hair company and is feeling confident that she can do this, but when she gets to the location and sees that nothing has been done she starts to panic. An hour before the party GG’s crew starts to show up at the venue to get the work done (cutting it a little close aren’t we folks?) but in the end the venue looks great.  Omid is one of the first to arrive and being the sweetheart that he is brings GG a beautiful piece of jewelry from her favorite designer to help start her night off right.

Alex, GG’s ex-boyfriend shows up at the party and she decides to spend a little time with him to keep Omid “on his toes” – letting him know that other men are interested in her. The plan works and Omid finds himself feeling jealous so he goes and talks to Alex to sort of mark his territory.  As the party winds down GG talks to Leila and she tells GG that she did a great job on the party and that she’s really proud of her.

What did you think of this episode of “Shahs of Sunset”?  Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of Asa and MJ’s fight over the “pill popping” comment.

Photo: Bravo

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