‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2, episode 12 preview: Dr. Frankenstein is back

David AndersJust in case you have been missing David Anders on “Once Upon a Time” as of late, have no fear: both Dr. Whale and Victor Frankenstein are each set to be back this coming week for a story that brings us a whole new perspective on his character as well as the land that he comes from.

The new episode airing next week is entitled “In the Name of the Brother,” and it gives us a brand-new opportunity to see just what happens when the character decides to do some more rather deadly experiments in his lab. This episode will also mark the debut of Chad Michael Collins as his brother Gerhardt, who will for sure have a part to play during some flashback sequences. (As for the present, that is still a little bit unclear.)

So why in the world are we getting a Whale-centric episode now, especially considering the present story that is progressing fast pertaining to Regina and Rumpelstiltskin? Our answer to this is rather simple: some of these characters may actually be counting on him in order to find some sort of means in which to revive Belle’s memory, and also to try and figure out what to do with the outsider (Ethan Embry) who has found his way to Storybrooke. Rumor has it that this could very well be Rumple’s son Baelfire, but then again, isn’t it also likely that this could secretly be another fairytale character with a troubled past? There are so many out there that it’s surely possible that there are many we have not met already.

Do you appreciate the Frankenstein character, or did you actually like Dr. Whale better before you knew who he was? If you want to go back and read our review for Sunday’s episode, you can do so here.

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