ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 2, episode 11 preview: The infamous question

ScandalAt some point, we knew that this was coming: Olivia Pope’s husband asking the question that may have been simmering in his mind for some time. Is she having an affair with the President of the United States? She seems to spend an awfully large amount of time with him, and her reaction to his condition supposedly improving during this past episode should really serve as evidence enough.

During this coming episode, Olivia is going to have to face problems from all fronts: not only will she be questioned for her home life, but she also has to contend with the massive problem that comes with having a secret lover in the most-powerful position in America, and is on his way now to becoming a man who is seemingly unable to function at his normal capacity. We see Fitz losing concentration frequently throughout his recovery process, including at one of the most inopportune times: when he is trying to address the always-hungry press for the first time since the injury.

The biggest issue for Fitz now is going to be trying to cover up a new scandal that was formed while we was in a coma: forged signatures that were designed to make people believe he had woken up before he really did. This was designed as a way to ensure that the right people (or at least the right people in Olivia’s mind) stayed in power, and that the Vice-President was kept from seizing full control. Unfortunately, she is now the person with the power and the potential to take down Fitz’s administration regardless of whether or not he is conscious.

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Photo: ABC

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