‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9 spoilers: A different kind of blood

Grey's Anatomy Season 9Usually when it comes to “Grey’s Anatomy” episode titles, we see something that ranges from romance to pain to joy or sadness. Our point here is that they really run the gamut, but there are not many of them that really feel memorable months down the road. One fine exception to this role is the season 8 finale “Flight,” mostly because you could see that literally signifying the plane crash or metaphorically representing Lexie leaving the world and paving the way for Mark to do the same.

So do we have something equally memorable coming up? Possibly; if nothing else, we’re feeling pretty hopeful about this one. The thirteenth episode of the season (which is slated to air during the February sweeps) is going to carry with it the title “Bad Blood,” which is open to already a good many interpretations without us knowing anything about what this episode is about.

1. The obvious explanation is that we’re looking at some characters that are having a beef with each other, which could be in conjunction with the plane crash settlement that is coming up Thursday night.

2. A more literal explanation could be that the episode is theme around some sort of failed blood transfusion.

Regardless, the one thing this ominous title suggests above all else is that things are going to get rather nasty. Not even Cristina and Owen getting divorce (and getting back together) can cause enough happiness to make us forget about what is coming up down the road. There is always another show waiting to drop on a Shonda Rhimes series, and much of what we see the next few weeks could be building up to this episode.

For now, let’s take a deep breath, get to speculating, and watch the promo for Thursday’s episode again. After all, there may be some clues hidden within there.

Photo: ABC

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