‘Elementary’ spoilers: Will Holmes be back in contact with his dealer?

ElementaryWhen viewers met Holmes in the new CBS series “Elementary” he had already been through treatment for his drug addiction and was now living in New York with his sober companion Joan Watson, but with the revelation that Moriarty is not only still at large, but taunting him, is it possible that Sherlock will fall off the wagon and go back to drugs?

Watson was clearly worried about Holmes’ stability after the last episode of “Elementary” where he thought he had found Moriarty, (the man that  killed the woman that he loved (Irene) which in turn sent him into a spiral of drug abuse), but after realizing that it was just one of Moriarty’s lackeys Holmes was left feeling empty as he had to start his investigation from scratch. She contacted Holmes’ father (her employer) and asked to stay on longer with Sherlock in fear that he might go back to drugs, but he told her that he will no longer be needing her services as a sober companion.  Regardless of the refusal to keep her on with Holmes, Watson lies to Sherlock and tells him that his father agreed to let her stay on with him just a little while longer and from what we’ve just learned it might be just the thing that keeps Holmes from falling off the wagon.

At the CBS TCA panel today (as reported by Spoiler TV) the network announced that John Hannah has recently been cast in the role of Sherlock’s old drug dealer.  Why would the series have need to cast this role if Sherlock wouldn’t be struggling with a possible relapse and after the way he behaved in the last episode (ready to torture and kill who he thought was Moriarty) a relapse is something that isn’t that far out of the realm of possibility.

With Watson saying no to Holmes’ offer to apprentice with him, the threat of a relapse might be enough to keep her around just long enough that she will realize that investigative work is something that she really wants to continue doing and will accept his proposal.

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Photo: CBS

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