‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 3 spoilers: Full ‘Mona-Mania’ sneak peeks

Pretty Little LiarsWho in the world is Harold, and what exactly does he want? Next to why in the world Hanna is thinking by talking with Mona again, this is the question haunting “Pretty Little Liars” season 3 moving forward from the winter premiere.

Based on the first sneak peek from Tuesday night’s episode “Mona-Mania,” we know that he is the guy that Mona is blaming for the explosion that ended up badly hurting Meredith. She tells Hanna a story about how she had spoken to him a number of times back when she was using the old hotel as her creepy “A” lair, and that he was starting to get the wrong idea and was venturing down the road to creepy stalker town. The problem? Go back to the key word “story.” While Harold’s behavior (which includes taking a job as a high school janitor) is indeed rather strange, we already know that Mona cannot be trusted. Plus, the interaction between him and Toby last week, non-verbal as it was, suggests to us that he may be working with Mona in some way already as a member of the “A-Team.” Therefore, the story’s just a cover.

Unfortunately for the ladies, it is not going to be altogether easy to try and interrogate Harold about his motives. When they try to hunt him down later, it is almost as if he was never even around the school to begin with … even though the do find a rather strange stowaway in the janitor’s closest that clearly does not want to be found out.

On a different note, are things going well still between Emily and Paige? The final peek we have to share suggests that there is still some tension over how the two are coping with Halloween; Emily has been through more, and is thus more unscathed by seeing what she did with Garrett while Paige looks ready to just cower down in the fetal position in the nearest corner.

Want more “Mona-Mania”? There is also another video here worth checking out.

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