‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9, episode 11 preview: Everything comes at a price

Grey's Anatomy Season 9We know that “Grey’s Anatomy” has touched on the airplane lawsuit a number of times in the past already, but on next week’s all-new episode we are going to see it take on more of a life than it has to this point already. After all, the settlements are going to come in courtesy of the airplane lawsuit, and the ramifications for it could be enormous, to say the least.

The one thing that is sure to be tantalizing for the doctors is simply this: as a result of this lawsuit against the hospital, they basically have an opportunity for each survivor to make $15 million each for the injuries plus the extensive amount of pain and suffering that they have each gone through. This is all amazing when you think about it, but you know that this sort of money cannot just come from anywhere.

We don’t know for sure what the downside to the doctors potentially taking this money at the moment will be, but there are a few possibilities that are pretty easy to identify:

1. Maybe this amount of money would shut down Seattle Grace, meaning that they would be all collectively out of work.

2. It is also beyond possible that this amount of money would lead to the end of Owen’s career, since he is really the guy who signed off on the airlines and put the people he loved in such peril to begin with.

So basically, we see the choice for the characters coming down to this: they can either be willing to gain a fortune, or they can keep the world around them together, but would continue to have to work tirelessly to make a living.

What would you choose if you were in this situation? If you want to read our full review for Thursday night’s “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9 episode, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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